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Searching Keywords

To get started, just enter some keywords related to your brand. For instance if you plan to make a website with cat memes, try entering "cat, memes, funny, video". After hitting the search button, our algorithm will generate every combination of those words, including removals. This means it will search one-word, two-word, three-word, and four-word combinations. In our cat memes example, it will check:

Available domains with the least number of words will always be shown first.

For each additional keyword entered, results will take exponentially longer to process. Because of this, there is a five keyword limit. If more than four keywords are entered, a random selection of four will be chosen from those keywords.

Searching Domains

Full domains can be searched directly. Unlike keywords, you can search an unlimitted number of domains at once. Simply enter something like ",," into the search bar.

If you're making a cat meme website, but already have some ideas, enter those in with your keywords such as "cat, memes, funny, video,," Domains entered in this manner will always appear first in the results, above domains generated from keywords.

Known Limitations/WIP